Growing vegetables at home

Thanks to Tomato+, you have fresh vegetables, spices and herbs whenever you want them.
A mini vegetable garden Made in Italy, independent of the seasons and the weather. Savour the flavours and scents of the Mediterranean cuisine in your very own home.

Vegetables Tomato+


The controlled microclimate ensures the plants' optimal growth from all points of view: their tastiness, freshness and pleasing aroma.


High vitamin and mineral salt content. No GMOs. No antiparasitic residue. No pesticides.


Made from a bio-plastic derived from natural and biodegradable materials, they contain biological substrates and seeds of high quality and germinability.

Growing vegetables with Tomato+


Vacuum packed in controlled environments, it maintains the freshness and germinability of the seed for 12 months. At the end of the cycle, throw it in the organic waste along with the roots, and the whole thing will become natural fertiliser for your garden, or eco-friendly fuel to heat your home.


The roots of the plants live suspended in a nutrient solution in a controlled environment the result is a natural white and a healthier plant.

We are
what we eat

Eating carefully, choosing healthy foods, means living well. That’s why vegetables should be an irreplaceable element in your meals.
You will be able to eat vegetables with a high content of vitamins and minerals every day. Produced in your very own home.

Verdura fresca serra per interni

The characteristics
of the vegetables

Vegetables grown with Tomato+, as well as being of excellent quality, maintain all their natural characteristics, without GMOs, chemical additives or pesticides.
Furthermore, we are safeguarding the planet by saving water and reducing CO2 emissions com-pared to conventional farming and transport.

Natural nutrients,
ready for use

Calcium, iron, potassium, zinc. These are just a few of the macro and microelements contained naturally in soil. The same that are contained in the nutrient solution. Pre-dosed and ready for use.

Verdura fresca serra per interni

Check out the crops available

Keep up to date on the new crops available.
Update your Tomato+ by Smartphone or USB so as not to miss out on any juicy news.

Basilico italiano

Italian Basil

Rosie Basil

Rosie Basil

Greek basil

Insalata gentile

Lettuce gentile








Oak Leaf Lettuce

lattuga salanova

Salanova Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

Lollo Lettuce

Lattuga baby leaf

Baby leaf



germogli di carota

Carrot sprouts

Germogli di senape

Mustard sprouts


Germogli di crescione

Shoots of watercress

Germogli di cavolo rosa

Pink cabbage sprouts

In development






germoglio di aneto

Sprouts Dill

Bean sprouts

germogli di azuki

Sprouts Azuki

germoglio di quinoa

Sprouts Quinoa


germogli di soia

Bean sprouts

Wheat Berries

Sunflower Greens


Germogli di erba medica

Alfalfa sprouts

Tomato+ at Sana, Bologna 2016