Herbs and Salads,
Naturally good

The herbs and salads that grow in tomato+ are of the highest quality. They have intense flavour, high vitamin and mineral content and maintain all nutritional qualities intact. They grow in an ideal environment, free from air and water pollution. The seeds are strictly non – GMO and free from pesticides. No earth, no heat stress, no long-distance transportation. Only the authentic taste of nature.

Verdura coltivata con Tomato+


The controlled microclimate ensures the plants' optimal growth from all points of view: their tastiness, freshness and pleasing aroma.


High vitamin and mineral salt content. No GMOs. No antiparasitic residue. No pesticides.


Made from a bio-plastic derived from natural and biodegradable materials, they contain biological substrates and seeds of high quality and germinability.

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Taste, freshness and aroma are the result of the optimal plant growth, guaranteed by the controlled microclimate. The vegetable sprouts and plants are also very rich in naturally present nutrients, whose benefits are greatest when the plants are eaten freshly picked.

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