Simple. Natural. Guaranteed.

Meant to be used by anyone, the pods contain natural substrates, high-quality seeds, no GMO’s, no chemical additives, antiparasitics or pesticides.
Vacuum packed, in controlled environments, their freshness and germination characteristics remain unchanged for 12 months.

Verdura in cialde
Verdura in cialde
coltivare verdura in cialde

Insert the pod in the space provided on the cultivation level

coltivare verdura in cialde

Select the crop for the pod you’ve inserted

coltivare verdura in cialde

Your vegetables are now ready to eat

coltivare verdura in cialde

Add water and nutrients to the tank once a month

You recognize it everywhere

Logo, colour and name. Each pod is characterised by type. Beautiful, unique and unmistakable.

  • Verdura in cialde per serra indoor
  • Verdura in cialde per serra indoor

We think about the planet together.

Plastic? Paper? Aluminium? Glass? Forget about all these.
The pods are made of biodegradable and compostable materials.
You just throw them in the compost heap and they will become natural fertilizer for your garden or ecological fuel to heat your home.

Always, everywhere

At your home, from the website or from the app. Order them anytime, anywhere.

A place for everything
and everything in its place.

Would you like to stock up but don’t know where to put them?
We have even thought of that! Tomato+ has a storage compartment. The place to store your pods and their nutrients.

Tomato+ al Sana di Bologna 2016