Your indoor greenhouse

Tomato+ is the revolutionary indoor greenhouse, which allows you to grow vegetable sprouts, herbs and salads of the highest quality all year round.

Born to respond to the growing search for nutrition based on healthynutrient-rich vegetables, eaten freshly picked and grown with a particularly low environmental impact.

Designed in Italy by Daniele Rossi, CEO of Tomato + Srl, the Tomato + indoor greenhouse it has immediately conquered famous names of restaurants, including numerous michelin stars, in Italy, France, Switzerland and in some extra-European markets such as Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Tomato+ the clever indoor greenhouse

  • In-house production of vegetable sprouts, herbs and salads of the highest quality
  • Absence of land, the seeds are contained in practical compostable pods
  • Practical and 100% natural
  • Elegant design, fits into any location

A clever combination of design and technology

The tomato+ indoor greenhouse was conceived in Italy by a team that has used innovation to combine successfully different but compatible skills: from botany to agronomy, from LED lighting to software design. The result is a revolutionary product unrivalled on the market.

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Tomato+, We cultivate quality

Tomato+ is the revolutionary indoor greenhouse, designed for restaurants, which allows you to grow vegetable sprouts, herbs and salads of the highest quality all year round. It is fully automatic and very easy to use. Simply insert the pods with the natural seeds, add water with the nutrients * and select the cultivation from the display. In a short time, from a few days to a few weeks, the herbs and salads will be ready for picking.

Full of natural goodness because grown in ideal conditions. Great taste because freshly picked. Always fresh, fragrant and rich in nutrients. Available whenever you need them, with no waste due to deterioration.

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Verdura coltivata con serra da interni Tomato+

The pods, Practical and 100% natural

The pods are made of biodegradable and compostable materials. They contain a natural substrate on which the seeds rest, which is high quality, GMO free and free from added chemicals and pesticides. They are packaged in controlled environments and maintain their freshness and germinability unaltered for 12 months.

After picking the herbs and salads, the pods can be thrown out with the organic waste, together with the roots, to become a natural fertilizer or an ecological fuel.

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Cialde per miniserra Tomato+

Tomato +, the only chef-sized greenhouse

Tomato + is the professional indoor greenhouse that provides an innovative answer to the most demanding Chefs, who want to improve the quality of raw materials with direct production of the finest vegetables, while reducing waste and costs. All with a very low environmental impact.


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