Let us introduce you to

Michele is the most advanced software in the creation of microclimates, and the brain behind Tomato+. You choose which vegetables to grow. He does everything else.

Automated greenhouse Tomato+

All about Michele

Designed together with Tomato+ to give you top quality of every culture. Together they have revolutionised the concept of growing vegetables at home.
A genius placed at the centre of the frame, always helpful and convenient to use. For you just a few simple clicks, for Michele thousands of extraordinary actions. We want to make your life healthy and easy.

Serra da interni automatizzata

Just like the great chefs,
Michele also has his own recipes

In addition to the many recipes already included, you can download a new selection from your smartphone or via USB.
A new recipe every month. You’ll find new tasty and natural dishes each month.

Tomato+ Iphone

He keeps them perfect

At the end of the production cycle, Michele warns you with a notification.
Having done this, he automatically takes care of keeping everything perfect, until you’re ready to give him a new culture.

your personal farmer.

Everything you need for a healthy diet, in just a few clicks.

Monitor tomato+

He has
a fantastic memory

He remembers everything, always. If there should be a power cut Michele remembers exactly where he stopped. On the next start, he will pick up exactly where he left off.

Tomato+ at Sana, Bologna 2016