Your personal farmer

Who is responsible for time management and regulating the microclimates? For creating the ideal humidity and temperature conditions for the optimal growth of the different plants? Who controls the correct day/night light cycle and the exact quantities of water and nutrients? Michele, the brain of tomato+. An advanced but easy to use software. For us, it’s just a few simple clicks of the button; for him, it means thousands of extraordinary actions.

michele serra automatizzata

Michele tells you everything

He recommends how many pods to put in, depending on the type of plant you have chosen; he warns you when you need to add water and nutrients; he keeps you informed on the progress of the plants’ growth. Once the production cycle is finished, he lets you know when the herbs and salads are ready to be picked. What if you don’t need them right away? No problem: Michele will keep them perfect until you are ready to pick them and plant some more.