What connections does Tomato+ need?

Tomato+ requires only the attachment to a socket. It does not need to be close to a drain because the present water has a closed circuit system. All this thanks to its large tank, in which are also inserted the nutrient solutions.

Where do the pods sold online come from?

The pods sold online are prepared inside our plants, the materials used are of top quality (certified seeds with germination guaranteed up to 85%) and the structure of the pods is made from natural materials, biodegradable and compostable.

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Are the nutritional values guaranteed?

The nutritional values are guaranteed as Tomato+ perfectly recreates the ideal microclimate for each single crop; the nutrient solution used is composed of the same micro and macro elements contained naturally in soil. Furthermore, having clean water, filtered air and certified pods (seeds) the result is guaranteed.

Is there a list of crops available for the future?

The crops will be integrated periodically, giving priority to leaf crops having a rapid growth.

What is the average power consumption per culture?

The average power consumption is about 80 watts/hour.

Can you see the light of the LEDs externally?

With tinted glass, Tomato+ allows you to avoid light disturbances in your room.

Can I put Tomato+ outdoors?

Tomato+ was designed to be placed in the home. It does not need to be close to a drain because it is independent and therefore it is easy to place it where desired.

Can I grow tomatoes, peppers, onions, aubergines and courgettes?

Leaf plants are preferred inside Tomato+ (lettuce, herbs and sprouts) recipes and pods for produc-ing some fruit vegetables will be developed.

When the crop is ready, should I collect it right away or can I leave it in the compartment?

Once the vegetables are ready, Tomato+ notifies you that the cycle is complete, it automatically maintains the vegetables fresh until you are ready to pick them completely.
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Can I grow different crops on the same level?

You can grow different crops on the same level, but you have to use specific recipes, because only some crops can coexist in the same environment.
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How can I update the software with new recipes?

Via a USB, you can upload new recipes directly into the software.

Where can I buy the pods and what is their expiry date?

The pods are sold exclusively here on our website, with an expiry of 6/12 months depending on the crops chosen.

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What are the maintenance costs of Tomato+?

Every innovative product worthy of respect, in addition to technology, brings great benefit also in economic terms. The maintenance costs are exclusively related to the maintenance of the nutrient solutions and the pods.
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