Tomato+ LED,
the light that makes the difference

Turn on Tomato+ to see the world through a different light. An advanced LED system illuminates and nourishes your vegetables, for healthy and natural growth.

Serra tecnologica Tomato+
Serra tecnologica Tomato+

The right light,
at the right time

Day and night, sunrise and sunset. And then again day and night.
The LEDs faithfully and naturally reproduce the daily light cycle. Each light frequency is carefully calibrated for the healthy growth of the vegetables.

Basilico coltivato in casa

As bright as the sun,
discreet for the environment

Studied in every detail to be a companion of healthy living, thanks to the tinted windows it is almost as if it doesn’t exist. Your room will remain in a pleasant shade, even when it is broad daylight for Tomato+. With a single click on the touch screen, you can open a window to a brighter world, where your vegetables grow lush and healthy.

The ideal microclimate

A temperate climate even at the North Pole? Why not?
With Tomato+, you can bring the warmth of the Mediterranean climate directly to your home. Each shelf is a world full of light, warmth, gentle rain and pure air.

Serra per ricreare microclimi

Place it anywhere.
Even on your boat.

Kitchen, living room, hall or dining room? Wherever you want. Tomato+ only needs an electrical outlet. Fresh vegetables anytime, anywhere. Even in the middle of the ocean.

Serra per barche
Tomato+ at Sana, Bologna 2016